Amy (such_heights) wrote in sectus_marauder,

Eight Days To Go! =D

A collation of responses to the last couple of posts - most people were interested in meeting on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday after programming.

Wednesday - dinner out somewhere? If you're interested, comment location/price/food preferences, and when numbers are confirmed, might I suggest we go ahead and book a table?

Thursday - I know a lot of people are gathering in Regent's Park from noon, does that interest anyone? At registration, I propose that we can hole up in a corner somewhere and people can drift in and out - I know sectus_hd and sectus_snarry are convening during that time too.

Saturday - three people expressed interest in meeting up that day, anyone else out there?

Sunday - I assume, perhaps wrongly, you'll all be at the Closing Canon on the Marauders programming that day? In which case it seems we could continue the conversations that will undoubtedly arise from that as we watch the Closing Ceremony and head on down to ItchQuidd in Regent's Park.

Thoughts on the next step? I thought I'd put up a locked post in the next day or so where people who feel comfortable can drop a line with their contact information, and that should hopefully help us all find each other. And please, do just take the information that's been gathered so far and run with it if my attempts at organisation are driving you mad. Also, if you missed it, I see that sectus_rs has recently been created, which may well interest a few of you.
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